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Guglielmo Bianchi - Shambhu


Guglielmo Bianchi Shambhu is from Italy. His journey started by questioning himself on the common life questions mostly related to happiness and joy and so he decided to attend a yoga class to get understanding of this ancient practice. 

Shambhu is truly dedicated to living and sharing yoga through the classical traditions, has many certifications including over 2000 hours teacher trainings attendance with various schools internationally, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage and is a E-RYT 200 & E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance approved and Level 2 AYUSH Yoga teacher.

Shambhu sees yoga as a practice of balance and joy, and lives yoga on daily basis in all facets of life, he believes ‘anyone can practice yoga despite the age and any kind of physical or mental condition’. 

In 2019 he collaborate in the creation of Shambhala Garden with the only mission to bring the true essence of Yoga available for humanity.


“Yoga is a practice for the soul, mind and body will adapt accordingly”

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Shelley Ann


Shelley is a yoga and meditation teacher, lover of sound bowls, nature, dogs and the sea. 
Yoga helped her to find a much needed sense of peace and purpose after struggling with stress after her relationship ended at the same time as being made redundant! Immersing herself in 200hrs YTT in Kerala completely changed her life. The following year she studied sound bowl meditation in the Himalayas of Nepal, which she feels privileged to have experienced, and the previous year she qualified as a meditation teacher in London. 
Shelley's teaching style has evolved into slow flow yoga with mindful breathing and guided meditation with a focus on stress and anxiety reduction. 
She believe that taking time to be with yourself, to breathe, to be truly present - these are the gifts that regular yoga and meditation practice offers you.

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Isabel Cairns


Isabel is a multi-style yoga instructor who grew up on the North Devon coast. She gained her 200 hour ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha certification from Drishti Yoga International in Goa. Since then yoga has become a truly imbedded and integrated part of Isabel’s daily life. Alongside a strong asana practice, Isabel is passionate about coupling pranayama techniques with cold water swimming on the Devon and Cornwall coast. These are elements she is keen to share with students during the teacher training courses.

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Tom Holmes


Tom is an environmental, land rights and food systems activist. He came to yoga through injuries from rugby and surfing in his late teens, quickly feeling the energetic benefits as well as the physical. 
The 15 year long path has lead through explorations in various forms of embodiment and spirituality, not least Qigong and Daoism - guiding lights within an eclectic personal practice.

A practice which has enabled the growth of deep roots of resiliency and expansion, allowing for the essential work of imagining new paths for society to take in the face of such uncertain, difficult times.
Tom shares principles, simple and grounded, which can be infused into most forms of embodied practice.

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Rita Tsai


Rita was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She and her husband moved back to the UK in 2013 so they could be closer to their family.

Her yoga journey started with Hatha Yoga in 2001. She remembers being overwhelmed during her first yoga class by the numerous poses that just seemed impossible! However, she always felt so relaxed and recharged afterwards. That is why she got hooked on yoga; because it has given her much more than she expected.

After years of practising different styles of yoga throughout Asia, once she attended an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class in 2008, she knew this was the style that would become her daily practice.

In 2014, Rita completed an RYT-200hrs Yoga Alliance teacher training with Tribe Yoga in Spain. She also completed Prenatal and Postnatal yoga training in 2015, and in 2016 she completed RYT-300hrs advance teacher training in India.

A registered teacher with Yoga Alliance RYT-500hrs teacher has allowed her to share her love of the discipline through the teaching of others.

Rita has studied intensively with some of the most highly regarded teachers in the world and still keeps to her daily Pranayama and Mediation practices. Rita likes to attend different training courses in order to enhance and improve her understanding of yoga. She established Breeze Yoga Bude in 2014 offers different yoga classes, from a gentle movement, breathing practice, to a more dynamic flow to suit all abilities.

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Emma Woodcock


Emma found her way into movement coaching through a love of snowboarding.  Having had to rehabilitate her own body following a number of injuries, she decided to retrain as a fitness coach,  personal trainer, and Pilates instructor. Emma’s fascination with biomechanics and injury recovery led her to study movement in more depth with Faster Global and has subsequently written and taught her own course, Full Spectrum Mobility Specialist, drawing on yoga, Pilates, dance, and Martial Arts methods in regard to mobility.  

In 2018, Emma opened her studio, Assaya, in the centre of Bude, where she teaches Pilates, Barre, and TRX classes.  

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In this journey called life the biggest gift that one could receive is the opportunity to discover mindfulness and Ottavio humbly acknowledges how lucky he has been to start practicing Yoga and martial arts in 1999 beginning a path in self realization and deepening the perception of himself . Always curious about movement, he explored the contemporary arts of breakdancing and skateboarding to the more martial arts type of movement as Bjj, capoeira and boxe to the ancient eastern martial arts where he currently continues to explore and study. 
From practitioner, he had the opportunity to become a yoga teacher thanks to the guidance of his friend and teacher Shambhu, a long time practitioner that initiated him in the art of teaching in 2016. Forever a student he has been expanding his knowledge and skill set in the art of Tai chi chuen Yiquan and Qigong learning from his masters which he still continues under their guidance to this day. Always dedicated to the practice and study of Yoga as well as martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine, he loves to explore movement through the modern approaches and latest evidence based science making it a mission to help others acquire that mindfulness that everyone should be gifted in order to be the best version of themselves.

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