Jessica, Essex

In September 2019,  I flew to Lake Como in Italy to spend some time with Sam at the Shambhala Garden retreat.

During this time I was experiencing some issues in my personal life and was looking for an escape and some guidance.

Through spending time with Sam, having 1:2:1 yoga practice and yoga therapy, I can honestly say this was a life changing trip for me.

From then on I made positive steps in my life and feel the most grounded I have ever been.

Once returning from Como I continued to practice (thank you for introducing me to the world of yoga) and moved to a totally plant based diet.

Sams support and guidance has allowed me to connect with my inner self and I will be forever grateful.

She is an inspiring mentor and a woman I will always admire!

Rosie, Walthamstow

'I have taken part in private and group classes taught by Sam, both have been incredible for my body and mind. 

I began yoga not knowing what to expect and worried I would fail. Sam put me at ease and has allowed me to thrive and grow every week. Since practising regularly my poses are improving, my leg pain has subsided and I am becoming increasingly mindful in my every day life.

The classes are challenging and fun, allowing you to be grateful for every yoga victory you achieve.'

Rebecca, Romford

I would like to say a big thank you! I must say I was apprehensive at first about how I would find yoga and the cacao ceremonies, but I was hugely surprised at how much I enjoyed being part of them. I have now been to multiple classes and 2 cacao ceremonies. hosted by Sam, both private and with a group of friends.

The yoga classes brought us all together and was topped off with the ceremonies themselves. I felt part of a safe space and the energy was nothing but positive, plus I LOVE cacao! 

I would highly recommend booking a ceremony and a class with Sam, especially if you are feeling apprehensive about starting as a beginner like I was.

I am looking forward to attending many more!

Chloe, Emerson Park

My yoga journey with Samantha and Shambhala Gardens has been nothing but beautiful, I’ve finally at the age of 30 began to feel happy and confident within myself. My yoga and personal journey started back in March this year with a trip to India, during my stay the world was hit by Corona Virus, a short holiday turned into a 2 months long stay, but looking back I am grateful for having got to share this time in India and with Samantha.


During my stay I took 1-2-1 classes with Samantha, where she taught me different types of yoga and meditation. In the first few 1-2-1 sessions I feel in love with Vinyasa, and 6 months later I’m still practicing either at Samantha’s home studio or on group Zoom classes. Also while in India I feel in love with food, not only is Samantha a wonderful yoga teachers but a brilliant chef. I learnt so much about food and how it affects your body. In Indian I become vegan but since being home I’m a vegetarian. I’ve always suffered with a bloated belly but since yoga and the change in diet I’ve seen a massive change.


I would like to say a huge thank you to not only my teacher but my friend. I’m so grateful that I get to share this journey with you. You are an incredible teacher and mentor to women. You always impower me to became and be better within my practice and personal life. You create a safe space were I  feel free to enjoy my practice and self, through your amazing 1-2-1 classes, yoga brunches and cocao ceremonies.