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While admiring the true beauty of nature this will be one of the best ways to rejuvenate your life
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Time & Location

COVID-19. New date shortly!!
Saint-Maurice-des-Noues, 85120 Saint-Maurice-des-Noues, France

About The Event



The journey into working through the Elements & Chakras in meditation and discussion will begin our retreat in understanding our energetic and physical bodies. Our retreat will give you all the tools to walk away and be able to bring into your everyday life to maintain your personal balance. We will be fully cleansing through physical practice, yogic cleanses, foods, a silent day, personal practice or therapy, meditation, pranayama, chanting and satsang. An incredible amount of fresh, pure energy is about to arise!


Every morning we will practice and teach all 6 Kriyas for ultimate purification. Kriyas are cleansing techniques we use in Yoga to purify the mind and body which open pathways of the energetic body, physical body, the nadis, the heart and the mind.

Personal development

We will give all guests an opportunity for a 1-1 session of either Yoga Therapy or assistance in developing a daily personal practice for balance. We leave this as an option for guests to make their own decision in what will help them in their own development.


We at Shambhala absolutely love workshops! We really thrive in interacting and creating a beautiful energy in these sessions on particular topics. All workshops will be based on balance on the physical and energetic body we will work individually, as a group and in pairs in these sessions allowing us to go deep into each topic to find understanding and connection.

- Restorative Yoga for release and letting go

- How to Create and Maintain a Home Yoga Practice

- Chakra healing 

- Yamas & Niyamas

- 5 Layers of the body

Silence day

One of the days in the middle of the retreat will be a silent day. We live in such a busy, loud world filled with TV, music, gadgets and smartphones. This is one of the most powerful tools to reconnect with your inner self and play catch up with your mind with no distraction and noise in our peaceful haven. 

Benefits of silence

- Improves Memory

- Stimulates Brain growth

- Relieves Stress

- Heightens sensitivity

- Fights insomnia

- Increase energies


You will be nourished with Plant based Ayurvedic recipes we have learnt and experienced through our journey. You will gain knowledge on Ayurveda and how to balance your personal dosha. Ayurveda is a holistic healing system developed in ancient India to help in understanding and gaining knowledge on the mind, body and spirit. 

Physical Practice

Each morning will be our physical practice of 2 hours warming the body up and stretching into the correct alignment enabling us to understanding how to hold and move the body working with our breath. This practice is a mixture of dynamic movement and stretching suitable for all levels of fitness. You will be assisted in stretching and moving when necessary letting you go deeper into your training. Aligning the body correctly helps in aligning the mind and releasing any tension or emotions we have been holding onto. We have been specially trained in this exercise sequence.

Shambhala Gift Bag

We want to spoil our guests and give gifts to use and takeaway to incorporate day to day and always remember the teachings of Kriyas, meditation and recipes of Ayurveda. We also will gift a Shambhala video of the sequence you will experience every morning. 

Adapted for all levels beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Daily Schedule

6.30-7.00 Kriyas

7.00-7.30 Fruit & Nuts, Herbal teas and fresh juices


Meditation and set intention in correspondence to the chakra focus of the day, Fully body workout at a pace that will suit all. This is a unique stretching program to bring the whole body into balance in the muscoskeletal system. 

10.30-12.00 The BIG brunch

12.00-4.00 Freetime

5.00- 6.30 Workshop

7.00-8.00 Dinner

8.00-8.45 Evening Pranayama, Meditation & Chanting


The Gites are located in the most tranquil location away from all distractions but surrounded with nature which is so important for us. We are located by the 5000 hectare forest of Mervent/Vouvant which offers marvellous landscapes. On foot, on horse back, in a boat or by mountain bike you can wander alone or accompanied, you can discover the forest, its flora and fauna. There are numerous marked routes for all levels, criss-crossing the forest. Climbing, archery, windsurfing and canoeing are all equally available.


Luxury shared twin room with shared bathroom: £600PP

Please note that a non-refundable deposit of 50% will be payable upon booking. The balance will then need to be paid 8 weeks before the retreat starts.

What's included

1 Daily stretch and alignment class

Luxury accommodation

1  Daily Yoga workshop

1 Private session

Shambhala Garden Gift Bag

Guided Meditations

Brunch, Snacks & Dinner

All teas/coffee and a morning refreshment

What's not included


Transfers (we can offer prices of taxi service)

Extra food whilst out of the house



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