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Finally Shambhala Team is back to share with you all Yoga in its most incredible form the intensive teacher training course!

Time & Location

04 Oct, 1:00 pm GMT+1 – 26 Oct, 11:00 am GMT+1
Bude, Bude, UK

About The Event

(23 Day Multi-Style (Hatha & Vinyasa) 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (IYTTC) in Cornwall

Become a teacher with Shambhala Garden

Intimate & Intensive Yoga Teacher Training England

These intensive yoga teacher trainings are designed to offer intimate class sizes (maximum 12 students), personalized mentoring and the outpouring of unconditional love, affordable tuition, incredible insight into deep philosophy yogic or vidya, and a rare opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the essence of yoga- truth, love, and bliss!

Daily yoga class

Guided meditation session

Full IYTTC program and certificate

Shambhala garden gift bag

22 nights accommodation

Daily delicious meals

Evening activities

Teaching Team: Guglielmo, Shelley, Isabel, Emma, Rita, Tom

The Shambhala Garden 200-Hour Teacher Training Certification Courses are an extraordinary synthesis of the essence of Yoga.

Our Intensive Yoga Teacher Training is designed to offer intimate class sizes (max 12 students), personalised mentoring and the outpouring of unconditional love, affordable tuition, incredible insight into deep philosophy yogic or vidya, and a rare opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the essence of Yoga- truth, love, and bliss!

This Yoga Teacher Training Course is perfect for aspiring teachers and those that wish to deepen their practice by living Yoga on daily basis to the fullest, where everything is seen as Yoga “uniting with our True Self”.

Be prepared to embrace a deep change and teach Yoga with utmost love, compassion, skill, and wisdom.  A deep inner transformation will take place that will connect you to your Divine Self, which is endowed with infinite knowledge and grace.

We believe in sharing yoga on the mat and mostly out the mat and not just simple techniques like asana or pranayama, we teach our students how to live Yoga constantly for 24hrs a day but as a new powerful tree we all need solid basis and our 200hrs teacher training course provide you with a solid practice, more than 70 hrs of asana and 30 hrs of meditation and breathing shared by very passionate and knowledgeble teachers from all over the world!

The Shambhala Garden Training Certification is a rare combination of the subtle Yogic practices and philosophy of traditional Yoga- with the holistic and integrative approach of the Western mind. Our Teacher Training first and foremost focuses on acceptance and Self-Realization, the awakening to your highest potential, and it is from this place alone that all knowledge, skill, and compassion will arise to become an exemplary Yoga Teacher, and a remarkable human being- the embodiment of Divinity.

Shambhala Garden invites you to take this precious moment out of your life, to discover who you truly are, and transform yourself and your life in ways that are unimaginable.

All-level Specialization: Shambhala Garden is welcoming all-level in the 200-hour IYTTC. No specific prior experience is required, however, we recommend to have a regular yoga practice before joining our Yoga TTC. Our focus is on preparing you to become a certified yoga teacher, but you might also choose this course simply for your self-practice and to personal purposes. The success in the final exams is a requisite to become a certified yoga teacher.

If you feel that you want to deepen your yoga experience and you are determined to gain a lot of knowledge we will fully support you on your path! To successfully complete the course we require 100 % attendance to all the classes.

If you cannot be present for the whole program we will offer you a certificate of participation, but not "completion".

The aim of the course is to give you the confidence in teaching asana, pranayama, and meditation with a simple but solid background on philosophy.


This is a basic, but intensive yoga course for those who want to deepen their yoga practice, get to know the history and philosophy of Yoga, learn Yogic anatomy and understand the influence of asana practice on the human body. This course is especially dedicated to people who want to start teaching Yoga and need an appropriate certificate, however, everyone willing to LIVE the yogic lifestyle is welcome here.

The Shambhala Garden 200 hrs IYTTC has been specially created by the Shambhala Garden’s team after having directly experienced more than 5000 hours of teaching and learning in different parts of the globe, mostly in India where Yoga originated.

The teachers are fully passionate about the topics they are sharing during the course and inspired by their personal practices and different styles.

The intensive teacher training course has numerous benefits compared to the weekend ones spred on 6 months or 1 year time or to the 15 days ones.

In 21 countinuos days we are capable to change any negative habit on will and to allow ourselves to improve in every aspect (physical, energetical, emotional, mental ..) Our TTC is 22 days for this reason. you set any intention and you will achieve it by the end of the course with the help and guidance of the teachers.

During the intense teacher training you can zone out and experience a yogic lifestyle to its fullest. Your days are going to be an extraordinary experience of yourself in challenges and mostly in understanding the first two anga (steps) of yoga: Yama and Niyama that you can live fully for the entire course.

Intense teacher training is also a social journey with friends and teachers all living the same lifestyle and inspiring daily one another creating a small community of individuals connected by a lifetime experience.

Intensive is a challenge of different types where you put Tapa (effort), Swadhyaya (study of the self - you) and create time for yourself by detaching in a positive way from the rush of life restoring your energies and discovering your potential.

-Week 1

The first week starts with the discovery of Hatha Yoga either as a practice but also as philosophy. The day starts at 6.30 with cleansing techniques like nasal cleansing and breathing exercises to wake up the body and the mind followed by the asana practice of two hours that is helping in create stability in the different bodies and prepare the students for the day. During this week we present principles of alignment & hands-on adjustments, we discuss the main tasks of a yoga teacher, and we introduce anatomy & physiology mostly related to the muscular and skeletal systems.

During this week you start teaching - in pairs and small groups, getting simple tasks at first, and starting to find your inner voice as a teacher. Yoga Philosophy classes focus on Patanjali 8 Limbs System, Hatha Yoga and Samkhya.

Through the entire process evening classes are based on Hatha or Vinyasa on a different day, with the aim to bring nice nourishment and regeneration after the long day and allow the students to deepen their practice. Sometimes we introduce also various meditation techniques, chanting and partner yoga classes during the workshops hours.

-Week 2

The second week is dedicated to Vinyasa Yoga. We present the roots of this style, but we also include modern Vinyasa flows that are often mixed with improvisation, dance, music... Vinyasa is the most popular style in the West due to its beautiful freedom, interdisciplinary aspects, and giving modern Yogis space for their personalities, "likes" and self-expression.

This week you develop your teaching skills, as well as hands-on adjustments and anatomy knowledge of the other systems of the body. We will develop your personal practice with adjustments and modifications if needed. During this week you are going to create your philosophy background and new topics will be introduced such as Chakra, Nadi, and Koshas.

During the week we focus on sequencing yoga classes, teaching methodology, communication skills.

-Week 3

Week three is designed to establish your self-practice and to prepare for the last exams. This week the students have time to study and interiorizing the knowledge of the previous weeks; it will also take place a revision of the whole process - students teach classes of the styles taught by SHAMBHALA GARDEN Team, share their knowledge and gained skills, write their assignments. It is also the time for Questions-Answers sessions, workshops on business and ethical aspects of the yoga teaching profession, and additional classes, e.g.: presenting Ayurveda, Massage, etc.

-Your Daily Schedule *example may be subject to changes

*06.00 Get up by the mantras coming from the YOGA SHALA

*06:30 - 07:30 Cleansing Techniques, Pranayama and Meditation

*07:30 - 09:30 Asana Practice

*09:30 - 10:30 Breakfast Time and Karma Yoga

*10:30 - 11:30 Theory Sessions Anatomy / Art of Teaching / Alignment  & adjustment

*11:30 - 13:30 Workshop

*13:30 - 15:00 Lunch

*15:00 - 16:00 Philosophy

*16:30 - 18:30 Asana

*18.45 Dinner

*21:30 Lights off

You will be nourished with plant-based meals inspired by recipes Shambhala Garden has learned from around the world. They are here to nurture your mind, body, and soul! A lovley kitchen team will provide you breakfast lunch and dinner!

What's included:

Full IYTTC program and certificate

22 nights accommodation in Yurts

Shambhala garden gift bag

Evening activities

Guided meditations

3 meals per day (Sundays only breakfast)

Personal mentoring   - #chaturanga workshop   - #soundbowls workshop   - #calisthenics arm balance workshop   - #mudra workshop   - #shavasana workshop   - #handsonadjustments workshop   - #tre trauma release workshop   - #oshodynamicmeditation workshop   - #coldswimming workshop   - #trip to a wonderful location

 And more…All teas/coffee and water

Vegetables to grow


What's not included:



Extra food

Anger, hate and judgment

Sundays are day off so during the days off no lunch or dinner is provided but only breakfast.

50% Deposit is required to book the spot. Deposit is non refundable.

If the IYTTC 200hrs cannot start because of restrictions (covid-Pandemia) the deposit will be used to book the first available IYTTC

for any question please contact us by email or IG:@shambhalayogagarden or directly the lead teacher Shambhu IG:@sslessismore


Here at Shambhala Garden Yoga we love to take care of our students and future teachers so we made your application easy and supportive, we are available to listen to you and guide you even before your training!

- Get in contact with us

- Skype or Zoom call with the lead teacher to answer to all your questions and get to know each other 

- Booking 50% in advance to secure your spot (limited space availability!!!)

- Assessment questionnaire where you can share any particular requirments (food) etc to help us in welcoming you!

- 31st of August you will receive THE SHAMBHALA  GARDEN YOGA 200hrs COURSE  BOOK and the reading suggestions from the teachers and informations on what to bring with you for the training

- 25th of September final payment and access to the online library of SHAMBHALA

- 30th of September online Zoom Q&A with the training Team

- 4th of October start YOUR JOURNEY!

Love and Light

  • Full Price
  • Non residential
  • YURT for TWO