Shambhala, is a Sanskrit word meaning “place of peace” and called by many as "the pure land or fabulous kingdom" its the legendary kingdom of joy where all the living beings are in peace and love.

The meaning is the garden of joy and happiness, of love and self-acceptance, compassion, friendliness, goodwill and equanimity. As a garden all this wonderful qualities must be water daily in order to experience joy and happiness. The “word” garden symbolized for us allo the plant based diet that we follow and that we share with our students.


We are a home where you can refill yourself with self-love, Shambhala Garden is everywhere you feel in peace with yourself.


Samantha and Shambhu decided to share their passion for yoga creating a company capable of being everywhere they are; Shambhala has no ashram and si moving together with the founders and the teachers everywhere in the world.


This is not a physical place is a mind place, or a mind status; that is why we can bring this project everywhere in the world inspiring others to find their own peaceful and joyful garden.


Yoga inspired Shambhala Garden in seeing this reality that we called life as a constant learning process due to the change that si constantly happen within us and outside us. Knowing the permanency of the Atman Shambhala mission si to embrace the change of the matter and free our pure consciousness from the bondage of pain and suffering.


We consider Yoga as a Lifestyle and not just a physical practice confined on the mat. 


Shambhala Garden deals with the inner wellness or inner engineering: the change, the acceptance, the love and the joy is happening inside us; once we are capable to understand and accept us we are capable to deal with the reality.  


The aim of our events is to find your inner beat, that sound or that rhythm that is constant, powerful and pure and most important is permanent and non changeable.


Now is the moment to embrace the change!